Keeping Clean and Looking Sharp

Keeping teeth clean with an electric toothbrush


Your teeth need to be cleaned, and believe it or not an electric toothbrush can knock down most of the work when it comes to brushing. They not only are easier to use, they also prevent your teeth from staining and even lower your risk for toothbrush abrasions or gum bruising/bleeding.


When it comes to keeping your teeth clean with an electric toothbrush, you will soon learn there is a bit of a learning curve about the use of the toothbrush. The electric toothbrush does the brushing motion completely, so you just have to put it in the right area so that the bristles reach the right areas.  That’s why it’s so important to pick the best electric toothbrush.


All electric toothbrushes will have different brush heads, and there are some that are even sold with a variety of brush heads that you can use. The one thing that many people learn when they first being to use an electric toothbrush is that the vibrations from the toothbrush can be a bit distracting, so be sure to practice a little bit before you really get into brushing.


Using the proper technique with an electric toothbrush can really help you find out where exactly the bristles will go in your mouth. You need to be able to feel a slight pressure along your gums so that you will know where you need to be brushing.


There are only two styles of rotation for electric toothbrushes, the oscillation and side to sides. Brushing with either type will clean your teeth, but it is better to use them properly.


Plaque tends to form between the teeth and along your gum lines, so when it comes to using an electric toothbrush, it needs to be at least at a 45 degree angle like a normal tooth brush. An oscillation head simply needs to be moved up and down on each tooth to get that super clean feeling.


A side to side electric toothbrush, will be almost similar to an oscillation brush, but it needs to be moved just like a normal toothbrush. You will maneuver it just like you would a normal toothbrush, side to side, up and down, brushing the front, back, and then tops of your teeth.


Either electric toothbrush will get your teeth clean and it is always best to brush at least twice daily to maintain proper mouth care and eliminate the bad breath that dental plaque may cause.